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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Listen Radio Mirchi Online in Mumbai

Listening to Radio Mirchi is always been a dream as it's one of the most hot station in India with great music and Amazing Radio Jockey's Gossip. Radio Mirchi Mumbai yet not shared any streaming player online or webpage where you can listen to Radio Mirchi online over internet but though their youtube account you can get to know latest update of Radio Mirchi Mumbai right in your pc with fast internet connection.

Here are several videos about Mumbai station and numerous RJ's talk online. I Mumbai there are several RJ's who host the shows which are below with their show's name.

  1. RJ Sangeeta -  Dheemi Local
  2. RJ Prakriti    - Mirchi Box Office
  3. RJ Neha       -  Dheemi Local
  4. RJ Anmol     -  Purani Jeans
  5. RJ Meera     -  Sunsat Somosa
  6. RJ Suren      -  Sunset Samosa
  7. RJ Sana       -  Sana Mornings
  8. RJ Aniket     - Hi Mumbai ka Chota RJ
  9. RJ Jeeturaj   -Hi Mumbai

Now you can listen Radio Mirchi Online from Ganna.com with 4 flavor depend upon you. There are several genre music you can select. Such as Meeti Mirchi, Club Mirchi, Purani Jeans, Mirchi Edge etc.

Enjoy Radio Mirchi Online and get all the updates here.

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