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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas To All You Mirchi Listeners

HO.. ho

God is Love

Christmas is all about love

Christmas is thus about God and Love

Love is the key to peace among all mankind

Love is the key to peace and happiness within all creation

Love needs to be practiced - love needs to flow - love needs to make happy

Love starts with your partner, children and family and expands to all world

God bless all mankind

Enjoy Christmas !!!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Listen radio mirchi online on Mirchi blog...98.3 FM It's Hot

Listen radio mirchi online on Mirchi blog...98.3 FM It's Hot.
Kyonki mirchi sunne wale always kush..!!!

Recently, i added this plugin to my blog..hope you guys will enjoy radio mirchi online..stay active and enjoy...!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Why Radio Mirchi Is Better than others radio station?

Well ,I don't want to be critics of another radio station. I just want to tell a positive thing what made Radio Mirchi popular. It is just good presentation of programs and may be creativity of radio mirchi because of which radio mirchi is getting popular. Well, as I told before, that I am big fan of radio mirchi that's why if I will only talk about mirchi then it would not be surprising matter..I couldn't listen Radio Mirchi completely..but you people will always find me online on radiomirchi.com...i have read every blog of mirchi's RJ .

Well we were talking about mirchi's popularity ...and things we should talk about that. Those best quality is it, that they share everything...as News,Entertainment(songs), etc...also solves love problems..etc.., but one thing I want to say that lastly when I requested to Ikwinder for playing my song..she didn't play my song..don't know if song were not available at the moment. But I felt very bad...it's not a bad thing but I was thinking that why she not didn't play my song where I was waiting for my favorite song..and I waited totally two hour (9-11 pm) of Purani jeans..well don't worry Ikwinder I am happy now.

By the way that's was my opinion for what I like radio mirchi or mirchi's RJ...if you guys are interested on Mrichi's blog and wanna know much about mirchi...why not comment on this blog..it's your blog friends..come and comment also can ask whatever you want I will answer as soon as possible..

One Thing I Wanna Share:-

If wanna succeed in your life..don't ever look behind

always go ahead coz There is your aim what you should catch....

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Recently Roop Written A Blog About Mumbai Blast

Recently, Roop (mirchi's RJ) written a blog about Mumbai blast..and she want comments on her mirchi blog...so i am just puting here, her blog stuff and you guys also can you comment here...

Hello jalandhar! Mornings apniyaan khush karan di main ta poori koshish
kardi han, par jado svere akh kholde hi news miley "100 killed in Mumbai
terror attack" to can we be happy?

Aaye din terror attacks, kadi B'lore, kadi Ahmadabad, kadi Delhi, kadi
Mumbai...hun bardaasht khatam nahi ho rahi apni? Dil gusse naal bharya hoya
hai na?

Hope you people will comment here soon...and for more sunte raho radio mirchi

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Radio Mirchi – Totally fun and Music with RJ's Gossip's

Hmm...enjoy Radio Mirchi with cool songs and full gossips what make by RJ's. Sure..you guys listen radio mirchi and would be enjoy too..well I am big fan of radio mirch as I am writing about radio mirchi, I have talked with some RJ, as Ikwinder,Gourv, Gurpreet,Roop & Pak pak Deapak and will want to talk another RJ,who is on Radio mirchi too. As Doctor love,Nayan..I hear Purani jeans what show host by Ikwinder, I don't want to miss her show “purani jeans. Radio mirchi is one of my Favorite radio station..sorry I was forgot to tell about Sudarshan..sorry sud..cool sud!! yeah one of very funny guy on radio mirchi. Recently his marriage get postpone with some reason don't know it's true or just another fun of radio mirchi...Gourav invited me to contribute on his marriage..as Gourav have taken the order of tea for sud marriage and he Promised me that he will buy a bike for me, but Sud's wife ran away with someone..oh! Very sad sud, but don't mind yaar who nahin to koi aur sahi, koi or nahin to koi or sahi....hahaha

And Gourav, what you think about my second idea?? hey I am still looking for my bike.. yeah when will you give me, my bike? I think your mood get changed . Well,all RJ's are my friends on radiomirchi.com and I feel good when talking with them..so enjoy listeners and sunte raho Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM...It's hot!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Welcome to Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM It's Hot at Jalandhar

Hey Listeners, Welcome to radio mirchi 98.3 FM ..It's hot.
Well those words are not mine, those words are spoke by Radio Mirchi RJ's. well this Is sushil kumar and you reading radio mirchi blog on blogspot.com keep reading and visiting blog for new update of radio mirchi jalandher..coz i am living at ludhiana so i can write about radio mirchi jalandher, hope you all love to know that i have created this mirchi blog here. Enjoy!!!

As my intrest that wanna become RJ, i am sure i will but till i couldn't become RJ, will wirte continue this blog what related from mirchi jalandher...You all are invited by me...come and enjoy...

Everything will happened here...what happy