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Friday, January 9, 2009

Meet Roop- Hello Jalandhar On Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM

Roop!! Who want to know more about RJ Roop? Yeah, she comes to Radio Mirchi on Monday to Friday, Kya bolti hai yaar!! She wishes birthday to everyone who send her SMS, give food voucher to one of them who is lucky as who first comes at their Mirchi office with his date of birth certificate. When I wake up every morning, firstly I tune my radio to Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM. And, it got started according to my routine. I listen to Radio Mirchi just about 3 hours becoz I have to come to my office at 9:00 am. Well, I never talked with Roop by mobile but she always tell her number 4343983 it mean 4343 Mirchi upper,area code hai 0181 or traffic da hall dasso or she ask something and wanna our views on her question. Everyday, she has different topics, as today she was talking about petrol. And says, “Roop twade nall hai, or tussi enjoy kar rahe ho Hello Jalandhar only on Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM ……….it’s hot!!”

Her Email Id is here: Roop@radiomirchi.com


heena said...

hi di Roop,i will give u surprise after some time.i like u,ur voice and ur smile.
"jis din khuda ne aapko banaya hoga,ek saroor sa us per chaya hoga,pehle socha hoga aapko jannat me rakhu,phir use mera or radio mirchi waalo ka khayal aaya hoga."

*$*$*$*$*$*$*LOVE U SWEETHEART*$*$*$*$*$* said...

hii roop,ikwinder,nayan,deepak & all of u

bas yahi kehna hai ki mast ock karte raho mirchi jalandhar ko apni voice sai

keep rocking.....

aarti said...

Hi Roop, I like ur smile and I like your way of taking very much

rajesh said...

hello roop g

hw r u ?

make me frd in facebook

i have no more knowledge of facebook

rajesh said...

hello gurpreet deepak ikwinder kawar

gd mrng g

hw r u

tirath said...

hi am tirath from london
when iwas i india i won one food voucher
i dont know about ur online?
will try to listen ur radio
keep up
take easy

sanjeev said...

hi roop, i love your voice, m crazy for ur voice, because there is no RJ having such a sweet voice!!!!!!!! my hobby is to listen your voice on radio mirchi............. i would like to see you, if god provide me such an ocassion............

H Bhatt said...

Hello Roop.........
Keep it up........

H Bhatt said...

Hi Ms. Roop. How are you?
Keep it uppppppppppp

nanathra said...

Hello Radio Mirchi, Chennai.
I wish to through a challenge to you all.
Each time I visit Chennai for a holiday my heart sinks to see the deterioration it is going through.
I am born and brought up in Chennai, but working over seas now.
Why is (Indians Too) Tamilians so dirty.
If take a walk in any street in Chennai, the stink overtakes you. The garbage clearing is so clumsy, the stinking part is left behind.
Why are the corporation officials so pathetic in repairing the roads.
Why is the electricity department so poor in their safety of their equipment. These some of the sights that meet your eyes. Can you through a change to a some people or organisations to take up this challenges.

Heena said...

hi roop , ur voice is awesome ,,,i like ur show a lot ,,,be like dis dear ,,,,,