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Monday, April 27, 2009

Let's see radio mirchi lover's (SUSHIL) pics !!

Hi, this is Sushil Kumar Ranakoti from Uttranchal (Rishikesh).

He loves to listen Radio Mirchi 98.3 Fm and Big Fm too. Ikwinder is favorite RJ for him from Radio Mirchi and Magical Vikrant from Big FM. Recently he went somewhere, I think the name of the place was Kasouli and he enjoyed too with his friends now he is sharing some beautiful images with you Mirchi lovers, see the picture..


And feel free to contect me on this NO.. +91-9257332289

And can mail me on sushilranakoti@ibibo.com or sushilranakoti@gmail.com

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Radio Mirchi music awards, Recently done!

“The magical and affable Abhishek Bachchan lately saw the 'Radio Mirchi Awards 2009' .AB Ji took the stage to announce a winner when he realized that he had a slight problem. Abhi was in fact too tall for the mike in front of him!

A perplexed Abhi took time off before announcing the winner, and tried his best to set right his mike. However, he eventually pulled it up to match his size.

The Radio Mirchi Awards 2009 will be aired on April 12th @ 9:30 pm. exclusively on Star Plus!”

Above is what I takeout form another place as I couldn’t watch it on Star Plus, but don’t mind I have some exciting news about the award function. Wow ! how Bipasha was looking at the award function and what to tell about …??? Hey that’s SUD ! he was there with the faculty and when I was listening him on Mirchi where were telling that he has enjoyed Tata Indicom Radio Mirchi music award.

Mirchi music award get appeared first time in India and it will goes next year! Everyone enjoyed it but don’t know about RJ’s of Mirchi? As I haven’t seen any RJ on The function when watching on STAR PLUS.

Any way this is first time when Radio Mirchi included with award function. There is no news about the Mirchi award on the web and I am looking to let you know about Bipasha Basu, she was looking very fresh when getting her performance on function. I watch out the video again and again…one thing more that Shaan was there with lot’s of Bollywood singer. As Alka Yagnik,Udit Narayen and many more..

Actually, I am submitting here the video in which have Shaan singing song and other singer listening him too.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hey There! Piyo Rani di chai with Gaurav and Ikwinder

Yeah, that’s tea, which everyone want to take but somebody gets succeed to take that tea. No no actually, chai to aapko hi banani hoti hai bus Ikwinder or Gaurav to aapke sath chai enjoy karte hain. Now, who want to be with them, you..or you?

In the middle Gaurav with Beautiful Ikwinder

Come on yar! I tell you, what you should need to do for that tea. Tune your radio on every Sunday on 2 to 6 pm at radio Mirchi 98.3 fm. And enjoy Rani di Chai with Gaurav and Ikwinder. Then you would know that how to invite both of them (Gaurav and Ikwinder). It is very simple to mail them or SMS them. As mail Id is here that’s:-


But don’t know about ‘how to SMS’!! Try to find out when listening their show.

So Mail them or SMS them, do whatever but don’t forget to listen Mirchi 98.3 fm.
As soon as possible I will submit a post about my self as you folks know me as a big fan of Radio Mirchi and about my dreams too.

So wait for the next post and keep listing radio Mirchi and enjoy this radio Mirchi blog too. Will catch you shortly!