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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hey There! Piyo Rani di chai with Gaurav and Ikwinder

Yeah, that’s tea, which everyone want to take but somebody gets succeed to take that tea. No no actually, chai to aapko hi banani hoti hai bus Ikwinder or Gaurav to aapke sath chai enjoy karte hain. Now, who want to be with them, you..or you?

In the middle Gaurav with Beautiful Ikwinder

Come on yar! I tell you, what you should need to do for that tea. Tune your radio on every Sunday on 2 to 6 pm at radio Mirchi 98.3 fm. And enjoy Rani di Chai with Gaurav and Ikwinder. Then you would know that how to invite both of them (Gaurav and Ikwinder). It is very simple to mail them or SMS them. As mail Id is here that’s:-


But don’t know about ‘how to SMS’!! Try to find out when listening their show.

So Mail them or SMS them, do whatever but don’t forget to listen Mirchi 98.3 fm.
As soon as possible I will submit a post about my self as you folks know me as a big fan of Radio Mirchi and about my dreams too.

So wait for the next post and keep listing radio Mirchi and enjoy this radio Mirchi blog too. Will catch you shortly!

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