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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM, That Make Me Hot!

Ha ha not really kidding, Yeah Mirchi make me so hot even girls come to me and ask for my mobile number, mmnnnnhhhh I simply ignored and say there is so many girls already in queueJ. So wait for a while till I select one for me, uhhhhh, yeah just kidding friends, actually, busy these days so couldn’t get time to write something about my favorite Mirchi, may you can make it updated with your reviews. Why not send your review to me?

Hey friends tell me something that you think about Mirchi, mail me at sushilranakoti@gmail.com and if I would find your story so cool, definitely will post it here den you can see your story on this Radio Mirchi blog/website!

It would be really wonderful to have an outstanding story that you really feeeeel about our loved Mirchi! Stay tuned …

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Anil Patel said...

Hi! I am from Indore working in Banglore, I was missing Radio Mirchi here, but searched on google and find you, thank you very much for this and keep it up !!!!!!!!!!