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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Success of Movies, Is Radio Mirchi Really Matters?

I have been watching, most of celebrity comes to Radio Mirchi to promote their movie, as recently Hrithik Roshan comes for Kites, Rani Mukharji for Dil Bole Hadippaa..and Shahid Kapoor for the same. Most of other stars come to Radio Mirchi to promote their movies, Here I would like to discuss, Is promotion of movies on Radio station is really useful, What reasons are there that celebrites promoting their movies on radio station.

And what about Radio Mirchi? Celebrity thinks like Radio Mirchi is very lucky for their movies as they first come to Radio Mirchi for their film’s promotions. Being a Mirchi junky I wish all those movies promoted at Radio Mirchi may get success on box office.

This would be also best for movies coz it’s reach is every where now, but if talk about Radio Mirchi Dehli then I would say, when I was at Uttrakhand, I used to listen Radio Mirchi that aired from Dehli. Hmmm…that time Ulta-Pulta Nitin was there, he used to make fun and I used to listen whatever he used to say!

Another thing is there! Don’t go away!
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