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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

OMG! Today I talked with New RJ of Radio Mirchi i.e. Kanwar!

Hmmm..It’s very new and exciting time coz I have invited for an interview at Radio Mirchi Jalandhar! And would you like to know who told me all that? Yeah that is ‘Kanwar’! Today when I called at Radio Mirchi she picked the phone, I say hello and ask is this Roop? She said , “she is out now, here is Kanwar” then I ask her if she can convey a msg to Roop and she said yes!. I exactly want them to wish my friend on his B’day but when I told her that I m very excited to be an RJ she told me about the latest affaire that they are recruiting RJ for Radio Mirchi Jalandhar.

M sending my CV to them and may be will to Jalandhar tomorrow for an interview.
Thanks Kanwar!

Hey Friends, Wish me all the best for the interview…and Stay Tuned Radio Mirchi 98.3 Fm Coz It’s Very Very Hot!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Idependence day to all radio mirchi listeners!

Yeah, m here again to wishing you a very happy Independence day, on this 15 August let’s start remembering those people who were died for saving us. I would like to dedicate a song for those people that sung by Lata Mangeskar.

“e mere vatan ke logo, zara aankh mai bhar lo paani
Jo sahid hue hai unki, Zara yaad karo kurbani….”

Would you guys belive that I have never dreamed about to be an army officer but dunno why this thing coming to my mind today as m dying to be an army officer but now it impossible I guess, Coz I m already in a profession so then I can’t join army at all.

Well these things that coming my mind, I told you people..
Now you tell me like what you thinking about to be, and whatever comes to your mind that you want in your country or what can make our nation great and strong as these days 80% youth is composing new India..drop your comments here.

Enjoy Radio Mirchi online, It's Hot 

Friday, July 23, 2010

Gud morning Everyone!!! It’s Mirchi time now!

Hey friends, It’s another morning here and I hope you all are waken up. :D so what next? I mean your schedule for today! Hmm… office b jana hai, aaj to kam b jyada hai, and late b ho raha hoon/ rahi hoon ye sab dimag mai hoga. right? Yes, boss it happened when I comes to my office all those thing ran in my mind too but by having a spicy morning with Radio Mirchi, you guys gonna rock your work, your office, your colleagues and all those near to you.

It’s little raining over here, so there is too raining wherever you live, please tell and also tell me how many time you tune this blog to listen radio mirchi, Actually we have around 108 fans on our facebook blog so would like to know, how many times you guys visit our Mirchidar blog!

We would like to hear from you….
Have a gud day!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Radio Mirchi Junky at Amritser (Golden Temple)

It was quite heard to come back from Amritser (Golden Temple), If you too planning to go there, Then up you plan right now or “mattha teken jao darbar sahib, uthe twade sare kast doon howange” Am sure about that. Let’s Say “Wahe guruji da khalsa, Wahe guruji di fateh” Don’t forget to turn your media player on, Keeep listening your loving Radio mirchi... Hav a Gd Day!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Success of Movies, Is Radio Mirchi Really Matters?

I have been watching, most of celebrity comes to Radio Mirchi to promote their movie, as recently Hrithik Roshan comes for Kites, Rani Mukharji for Dil Bole Hadippaa..and Shahid Kapoor for the same. Most of other stars come to Radio Mirchi to promote their movies, Here I would like to discuss, Is promotion of movies on Radio station is really useful, What reasons are there that celebrites promoting their movies on radio station.

And what about Radio Mirchi? Celebrity thinks like Radio Mirchi is very lucky for their movies as they first come to Radio Mirchi for their film’s promotions. Being a Mirchi junky I wish all those movies promoted at Radio Mirchi may get success on box office.

This would be also best for movies coz it’s reach is every where now, but if talk about Radio Mirchi Dehli then I would say, when I was at Uttrakhand, I used to listen Radio Mirchi that aired from Dehli. Hmmm…that time Ulta-Pulta Nitin was there, he used to make fun and I used to listen whatever he used to say!

Another thing is there! Don’t go away!
Come around you soon!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM, That Make Me Hot!

Ha ha not really kidding, Yeah Mirchi make me so hot even girls come to me and ask for my mobile number, mmnnnnhhhh I simply ignored and say there is so many girls already in queueJ. So wait for a while till I select one for me, uhhhhh, yeah just kidding friends, actually, busy these days so couldn’t get time to write something about my favorite Mirchi, may you can make it updated with your reviews. Why not send your review to me?

Hey friends tell me something that you think about Mirchi, mail me at sushilranakoti@gmail.com and if I would find your story so cool, definitely will post it here den you can see your story on this Radio Mirchi blog/website!

It would be really wonderful to have an outstanding story that you really feeeeel about our loved Mirchi! Stay tuned …

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hrithik Promotes Kites at Radio Mirchi!

Hrithik Roshan, who Staring in the movie Kites promotes his upcoming flick at Radio Mirchi, with morning tea! Yeah, it was very first time when Hrithik comes to promotes his movie at Radio Mirchi. well we would like to say “All The Very Best” Hrithik for Kites may this movie become a biggest hit of your career.

In this movie Kites, Kangna is also appearing with Hrithik and Barbara Mori (Mexican actress) who acting in the very first movie of bollywood. As she known very well today as a actress of Kites.

Well, Personally if talk about Kangana, then one thing which comes to my mind that her hard work which we have seen her movies “Fashion and RaaZ – 2.  Yeah  i like Kangna too from her first movie Gangster. hmmm... love you Kangna :)

Would also like to say “ All The Very Best Kangana” Go Ahead!

Will come with latest update of Radio Mirchi shortly........

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Listen - Pepsi, Youngistan Ka Wow Jingle on Mirchi Blog

Yeah, as I said before , Today I come across the Jingle i.e. Pepsi, Youngistan Ka WOW anthem, was looking for this video and finally got it on youtube.com and now sharing here I know may of you ppl already heard it on Radio Mirchi but if some of you didn’t heard it yet then simply press the play button and enjoy which made by Vishal-Shekhe and lyrics given by Mirchi listeners. YAY!!! Mast jingle hai yar I love it ………..

Enjoy it on your online radio mirchi blog…and say PEPSP …YOUNGISTAN KA WOW!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pepsi "Youngistaan ka Wow" - Ranbir Kapoor

Its not dat which made up today, its dat made up before in which Ranbir Kapoor acting!

So Finally Vishal Shekhar made up ,PEPSI Youngistan Ka WoW! Anthem LIVE

Was listening Radio Mirchi today since morning , and since morning I was hearing about Youngistan Pepsi ka Wow based jingle that composing by Vishal-Shekher on the words that ppl were SMSing them! As I heard there are 6 contestant who win the prizes and labeled with the lyrics of Pepsi, Youngistan ka WoW mai! One from Mumbai, on from pune, Orangabad, and one from Ludhiana…really forget about 2 ppl where from those coz I were feeling sleepy so had slept. Anyways on this online Radio Mirchi blog you will be able to listen that jingle of Pepsi, Youngistan ka WoW by Vishal-Shekhar Very shortly but now enjoy Radio Mirchi 98.3 Fm Its really really hot!!!!!!!