Tune in

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Radio Mirchi Per, Purani Jeans with RJ SAYEMA

I know, I know, you all are big fan of Sayema but mai b koi inna chota fan nahi hoon. I heard her daily from 9 PM to midnight. And I get sleepy everyday while listening to her wonderful show. Purani jeans, so melodious song of Lata Mangeskar mostly! She just made me sleep with those old songs with outstanding music. When you listen to her you just forget everything, bole to all your problems, tiredness, and tensions sab kuch. She is having magical voice to entertain you; she is not only entertainer but an informer who tells you the story of the songs she play. If you yet not heard her, tune in to Radio Mirchi and enjoy her show ‘Purani Jeans” They said “Mirchi Sunne Wale Always Khush!” It’s Really Really hot! 

Stay Tuned.