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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Listen Radio Mirchi Online in Mumbai

Listening to Radio Mirchi is always been a dream as it's one of the most hot station in India with great music and Amazing Radio Jockey's Gossip. Radio Mirchi Mumbai yet not shared any streaming player online or webpage where you can listen to Radio Mirchi online over internet but though their youtube account you can get to know latest update of Radio Mirchi Mumbai right in your pc with fast internet connection.

Here are several videos about Mumbai station and numerous RJ's talk online. I Mumbai there are several RJ's who host the shows which are below with their show's name.

  1. RJ Sangeeta -  Dheemi Local
  2. RJ Prakriti    - Mirchi Box Office
  3. RJ Neha       -  Dheemi Local
  4. RJ Anmol     -  Purani Jeans
  5. RJ Meera     -  Sunsat Somosa
  6. RJ Suren      -  Sunset Samosa
  7. RJ Sana       -  Sana Mornings
  8. RJ Aniket     - Hi Mumbai ka Chota RJ
  9. RJ Jeeturaj   -Hi Mumbai

Now you can listen Radio Mirchi Online from Ganna.com with 4 flavor depend upon you. There are several genre music you can select. Such as Meeti Mirchi, Club Mirchi, Purani Jeans, Mirchi Edge etc.

Enjoy Radio Mirchi Online and get all the updates here.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Let's see radio mirchi lover's (SUSHIL) pics !!

Hi, this is Sushil Kumar Ranakoti from Uttranchal (Rishikesh).

He loves to listen Radio Mirchi 98.3 Fm and Big Fm too. Ikwinder is favorite RJ for him from Radio Mirchi and Magical Vikrant from Big FM. Recently he went somewhere, I think the name of the place was Kasouli and he enjoyed too with his friends now he is sharing some beautiful images with you Mirchi lovers, see the picture..


And feel free to contect me on this NO.. +91-9257332289

And can mail me on sushilranakoti@ibibo.com or sushilranakoti@gmail.com

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Radio Mirchi music awards, Recently done!

“The magical and affable Abhishek Bachchan lately saw the 'Radio Mirchi Awards 2009' .AB Ji took the stage to announce a winner when he realized that he had a slight problem. Abhi was in fact too tall for the mike in front of him!

A perplexed Abhi took time off before announcing the winner, and tried his best to set right his mike. However, he eventually pulled it up to match his size.

The Radio Mirchi Awards 2009 will be aired on April 12th @ 9:30 pm. exclusively on Star Plus!”

Above is what I takeout form another place as I couldn’t watch it on Star Plus, but don’t mind I have some exciting news about the award function. Wow ! how Bipasha was looking at the award function and what to tell about …??? Hey that’s SUD ! he was there with the faculty and when I was listening him on Mirchi where were telling that he has enjoyed Tata Indicom Radio Mirchi music award.

Mirchi music award get appeared first time in India and it will goes next year! Everyone enjoyed it but don’t know about RJ’s of Mirchi? As I haven’t seen any RJ on The function when watching on STAR PLUS.

Any way this is first time when Radio Mirchi included with award function. There is no news about the Mirchi award on the web and I am looking to let you know about Bipasha Basu, she was looking very fresh when getting her performance on function. I watch out the video again and again…one thing more that Shaan was there with lot’s of Bollywood singer. As Alka Yagnik,Udit Narayen and many more..

Actually, I am submitting here the video in which have Shaan singing song and other singer listening him too.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hey There! Piyo Rani di chai with Gaurav and Ikwinder

Yeah, that’s tea, which everyone want to take but somebody gets succeed to take that tea. No no actually, chai to aapko hi banani hoti hai bus Ikwinder or Gaurav to aapke sath chai enjoy karte hain. Now, who want to be with them, you..or you?

In the middle Gaurav with Beautiful Ikwinder

Come on yar! I tell you, what you should need to do for that tea. Tune your radio on every Sunday on 2 to 6 pm at radio Mirchi 98.3 fm. And enjoy Rani di Chai with Gaurav and Ikwinder. Then you would know that how to invite both of them (Gaurav and Ikwinder). It is very simple to mail them or SMS them. As mail Id is here that’s:-


But don’t know about ‘how to SMS’!! Try to find out when listening their show.

So Mail them or SMS them, do whatever but don’t forget to listen Mirchi 98.3 fm.
As soon as possible I will submit a post about my self as you folks know me as a big fan of Radio Mirchi and about my dreams too.

So wait for the next post and keep listing radio Mirchi and enjoy this radio Mirchi blog too. Will catch you shortly!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Listen Bumper to Bumper with Gurpreet!!

Gurpreet is another cool RJ of Radio Mirchi Jalandhar well known for his fluently gossiping and bole to bindass awaj ke liye……..bhai ladkiya teri bahut diwani hai
I can’t guess anymore but I listent his show many time as last Friday.

Something about him in his own words:-
“You have great tension .......... relax.... you need a huge dose of Hansi Khush, jo aapko milegi Mon To Sat shaam 5 se 9 only on Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM par with a little bit pagal person Gurpreet.

yani ke Main.......

Yehi nahi yaar aapko up to date bhi rakha jayega......Kaise...?
wo to sun k hi pata chalega......”

He were talking about Pagal person about himself, But we enjoyed your show and your Pagalpan too. LOL!!

Wanna be friend of Gurpreet? If Yes than why wait just login / sign up with Radiomirchi.com and be friend of Gurpreet as me, and don’t forget to add others as Ikwinder,Roop,Nayan,Gaurav,Pak pak Deapak , am I forget to mention someone ? Yeah an another future RJ of Radio Mirchi, hey yeah it’s me. Will entertain you on Mirchi very shortly.

Oh! Sorry Gurpreet yaar maine to apni hi suru kar di!!

Gurpreet ki Punjabi sunne mai to bada hi maza aata hai..ab to mai bhi seekh hi gaya hoon…but I can’t speak it fulently don’t worry when you people will listen me on Radio Mirchi, I will have learned Punjabi very well…So don’t forget to listen Gurpreet’s show Bumper to Bumper on Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM It’s Hot!!

See you around….

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Total Filmy With Pak Pak Deapak On Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM

Pak Pak Deapak Ke Sath Total Filmy Money to Saturday on Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM It’s hot!! Haainnnnnnnnnn……….

On Radio Mirchi Pak Pak Deapak is Another RJ, Who hosts ‘Total Filmy’ show on Mirchi……I have listen Total Filmy once, when I was on holiday. Actually, Deapak is well known as ‘Pak Pak Deapak’ and get popular with an advertisement what used to promote his show…..where a Company’s member calls someone and get started to say, “ dhool bajte hi halla bole de, adhik jankari ke liye 123 per call karain or chak de India!” not completely.L At the end of advertise, a voice of Amitabh Bachchhan comes and says, “Are ye to kuch bhi nahin hai Pak Pak Deapak ke satch ho jao Total Filmy, Monday to Saturday on Radio Mirchi 98.3 Fm It’s Hot!!! Haaainnnnnnnn……..”

As always haven’t got time to be long with Radio Michi but on Radiomirchi.com, I don’t ever left them and keep with them as chat. When I was started this blog sharing to all things related to Radio Mirchi, after this post I will share some more RJs Information here. Hope you people would like to visit this blog as I am trying to do my best.

Have a nice time here on my Mirchi blog !!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Khoobsurat With Nayan But Make Sure Coz In Khoobsurat Not Entry For Man

Of course….. I am talking about the crucial show of ladies, Khoobsurat on radio Mirchi 98.3 FM. This show is being hosted by Beautiful Nayan. But I didn’t ever hear her show as I have to reach my office at the same time she comes with her show at 11.00 AM Money to Friday. I don’t know much about her show coz in her show (Khoobsurat) NO ENTRY FOR MAN...hahaha…….. J  I am thinking what would be special on her show for ladies that man can’t listen anymore……. Hey what’s there man? Well, she is very talented with good beauty as sometimes I got her on Hello Jalandhar instead Roop.

Well, I wanna tell you latest news that Ikwinder (my favorite) is not in my contact for some days. I Hope she will be fine but I want to talk to her. Hope she know how disturbed I am without talking to her.

So Nayen hope you would like to see your snap here. Love your voice what made you attractive and creative. And I love what you call me “My Dost” on radiomirchi.com.

More about her:- from radiomirchi.com

She's Self Obsessed to the core. Loves clicking her own Pictures. She has around 300 pictures of herself... Also has a love for weird colors.. Be it her chocolate mocha red hair color. Or trademark electric blue Nail Paint (sometimes even 3 colors on 1 hand).....yellow T-shirts... or Red shoes.. u name it.. She does it.. Defying the norms... Taking the road less traveled.

There wouldn’t be a better choice to host a show like Khoobsoorat, 11 to 2 Mon to Sat, packed with Fun, Craziness, Beauty and Fashion Tips, yummy recepies & lots more..... Tune in to get stylish wid Nayan's N- factor!!!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Meet Roop- Hello Jalandhar On Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM

Roop!! Who want to know more about RJ Roop? Yeah, she comes to Radio Mirchi on Monday to Friday, Kya bolti hai yaar!! She wishes birthday to everyone who send her SMS, give food voucher to one of them who is lucky as who first comes at their Mirchi office with his date of birth certificate. When I wake up every morning, firstly I tune my radio to Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM. And, it got started according to my routine. I listen to Radio Mirchi just about 3 hours becoz I have to come to my office at 9:00 am. Well, I never talked with Roop by mobile but she always tell her number 4343983 it mean 4343 Mirchi upper,area code hai 0181 or traffic da hall dasso or she ask something and wanna our views on her question. Everyday, she has different topics, as today she was talking about petrol. And says, “Roop twade nall hai, or tussi enjoy kar rahe ho Hello Jalandhar only on Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM ……….it’s hot!!”

Her Email Id is here: Roop@radiomirchi.com

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Purani Jeans Hosted by Ikwinder

Yeah, It’s Purani Jeans, which show you guys love very much, I also love this so too. By the way this show have many hidey things as gossips of bollywood film industry and college canteen hits for what Ikwinder daily made a topic to discuss with all of us. As yesterday night she was talking about bollywood actor or actress who worked in some movie for free of cost. I love Ikwinder’s voice. And I compleately listen her show Purani Jeans always. Ikwinder quotes “ Tusi enjoy kar rahe ho apni ikwinder de nal, show twadda apna Purani Jeans, on Radio Mirchi athanave teen FM (98.3 Jalandhar) It’s hot!!!”
Who were looking for Ikwinder ?? Sorry but I couldn’t get ikwinder yet too…
Hopefully I will meet her very soon in upcoming days.
Dear Ikwinder, Have a lovely Smile!!

Here i am sharing My favorite song with Ikwinder, hope see will play this song for me...on radio mirchi..