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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Khoobsurat With Nayan But Make Sure Coz In Khoobsurat Not Entry For Man

Of course….. I am talking about the crucial show of ladies, Khoobsurat on radio Mirchi 98.3 FM. This show is being hosted by Beautiful Nayan. But I didn’t ever hear her show as I have to reach my office at the same time she comes with her show at 11.00 AM Money to Friday. I don’t know much about her show coz in her show (Khoobsurat) NO ENTRY FOR MAN...hahaha…….. J  I am thinking what would be special on her show for ladies that man can’t listen anymore……. Hey what’s there man? Well, she is very talented with good beauty as sometimes I got her on Hello Jalandhar instead Roop.

Well, I wanna tell you latest news that Ikwinder (my favorite) is not in my contact for some days. I Hope she will be fine but I want to talk to her. Hope she know how disturbed I am without talking to her.

So Nayen hope you would like to see your snap here. Love your voice what made you attractive and creative. And I love what you call me “My Dost” on radiomirchi.com.

More about her:- from radiomirchi.com

She's Self Obsessed to the core. Loves clicking her own Pictures. She has around 300 pictures of herself... Also has a love for weird colors.. Be it her chocolate mocha red hair color. Or trademark electric blue Nail Paint (sometimes even 3 colors on 1 hand).....yellow T-shirts... or Red shoes.. u name it.. She does it.. Defying the norms... Taking the road less traveled.

There wouldn’t be a better choice to host a show like Khoobsoorat, 11 to 2 Mon to Sat, packed with Fun, Craziness, Beauty and Fashion Tips, yummy recepies & lots more..... Tune in to get stylish wid Nayan's N- factor!!!!!

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