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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Purani Jeans Hosted by Ikwinder

Yeah, It’s Purani Jeans, which show you guys love very much, I also love this so too. By the way this show have many hidey things as gossips of bollywood film industry and college canteen hits for what Ikwinder daily made a topic to discuss with all of us. As yesterday night she was talking about bollywood actor or actress who worked in some movie for free of cost. I love Ikwinder’s voice. And I compleately listen her show Purani Jeans always. Ikwinder quotes “ Tusi enjoy kar rahe ho apni ikwinder de nal, show twadda apna Purani Jeans, on Radio Mirchi athanave teen FM (98.3 Jalandhar) It’s hot!!!”
Who were looking for Ikwinder ?? Sorry but I couldn’t get ikwinder yet too…
Hopefully I will meet her very soon in upcoming days.
Dear Ikwinder, Have a lovely Smile!!

Here i am sharing My favorite song with Ikwinder, hope see will play this song for me...on radio mirchi..

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