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Monday, December 8, 2008

Why Radio Mirchi Is Better than others radio station?

Well ,I don't want to be critics of another radio station. I just want to tell a positive thing what made Radio Mirchi popular. It is just good presentation of programs and may be creativity of radio mirchi because of which radio mirchi is getting popular. Well, as I told before, that I am big fan of radio mirchi that's why if I will only talk about mirchi then it would not be surprising matter..I couldn't listen Radio Mirchi completely..but you people will always find me online on radiomirchi.com...i have read every blog of mirchi's RJ .

Well we were talking about mirchi's popularity ...and things we should talk about that. Those best quality is it, that they share everything...as News,Entertainment(songs), etc...also solves love problems..etc.., but one thing I want to say that lastly when I requested to Ikwinder for playing my song..she didn't play my song..don't know if song were not available at the moment. But I felt very bad...it's not a bad thing but I was thinking that why she not didn't play my song where I was waiting for my favorite song..and I waited totally two hour (9-11 pm) of Purani jeans..well don't worry Ikwinder I am happy now.

By the way that's was my opinion for what I like radio mirchi or mirchi's RJ...if you guys are interested on Mrichi's blog and wanna know much about mirchi...why not comment on this blog..it's your blog friends..come and comment also can ask whatever you want I will answer as soon as possible..

One Thing I Wanna Share:-

If wanna succeed in your life..don't ever look behind

always go ahead coz There is your aim what you should catch....

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