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Monday, December 1, 2008

Welcome to Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM It's Hot at Jalandhar

Hey Listeners, Welcome to radio mirchi 98.3 FM ..It's hot.
Well those words are not mine, those words are spoke by Radio Mirchi RJ's. well this Is sushil kumar and you reading radio mirchi blog on blogspot.com keep reading and visiting blog for new update of radio mirchi jalandher..coz i am living at ludhiana so i can write about radio mirchi jalandher, hope you all love to know that i have created this mirchi blog here. Enjoy!!!

As my intrest that wanna become RJ, i am sure i will but till i couldn't become RJ, will wirte continue this blog what related from mirchi jalandher...You all are invited by me...come and enjoy...

Everything will happened here...what happy


Elijah said...

Hi, sushil your posting are really awesome. I have never listened radio mirchi.Your blog has in craze me create interest in radio mirchi . but bad lucky I have no F.M....thats Really bad for me... can you suggest me another way to listen any one part of show?

sushil said...

Yaar, it's very simple to buy a radio set within 100 or 120 Rs. and make your craze up. well let me if you have any mobile with radio tuner...and if you have then just set the frequency '98.3' and enjoy radio mirchi..becoz it's hot!!!