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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Radio Mirchi Celebrating Indepandance Day Today!

What Radio Mirchi Official Facebook Page Has Said:-

**Iss desh ki dharti ko maathe pe dhar kar, Aage badaye kadam, Iss desh ki dharti ko maathe pe dhar kar, Bharati hain har dum, Vande Maatram...

What People Said :-

Makwana Hitesh 
* 31 States 1618 Languages 6400 Castes 6 Religions 6 Ethnic Grps 29 Major Festivals&1 Country! Proud To Be An Indian In Dreams Only, Coz In Real Life Mere Bharat Mahan Aur 100 May Se 99 Beiyman. Happy Independence Day!! 

Radio is not just to play music all the time to entertain people but it's much more then that! It's to tell the people that how lucky we are having Bharat Mata (India). How people fight for us and died, why they never care for their family, friend etc. What was that spirit which is not today within us. Where we are going and how we can improve our India that those people once dream who has died.

There is much more to explore over radio and Radio Mirchi doing the same. Actually people are more dadicated for their India but sometimes awareness is more important. So we all are thankful to Radio Mirchi for doing Such Job!

We Need to learn lot of things to make our India Corruption free. Anna Hajare and Ramdev Baba Has don Their Job. Now do something individually but with all!

Let me show you a status i got from Facebook.

Sanki Sushil  on Monday

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